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Who is Pulvis Art Urns ?

Pulvis Art Urns create Shapes of Spirit

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Pulvis Art Urns Story

In their desire to create a product that makes a difference, Pulvis Art Urns supports the concept of a group of artists, ceramists and sculptors, who design and create models, which are far more than just traditional urns for ashes.

Back in 2016, Miahil, Aleksandar and Denis came up with the idea of designing a portfolio of memorial products that imply the feeling of experiencing art.

After a thorough research on the funeral market and a long year of experimenting with clay, glazes and conceptual designs, Pulvis Art Urns was born.

Thanks to the rich imagination of the renowned conceptual artist – Aleks and the incredibly talented ceramists – Mihail, they succeeded in growing from a small locally operated business to one of the largest ceramic urns manufacturers in Europe.

Throughout the years, Pulvis Art Urns has always been guided by two exceptionally important dogmas for their team –

  1. That art is one of the finest ways to honor the memory of a loved one, whether that be a human loved one or companion animal, and that personal attitude to each customer is of greatest importance.
  2. With the greatest attention to detail, the cremation urns for ashes are entirely hand-made of superb quality ceramic, produced according to the recipes of Pulvis Art Urns technologists.
rainbow pearlescent cat urn

The various palette of colours is especially worked out by a team of artists and laboratory assistants, which aims at providing quality and aesthetics of the urns. All the series are offered in two sizes, suitable for keeping at home and for performing funeral ceremonies and arrangements.

Apart from their superb vision, the urns are remarkable for their exquisite hardiness and resistance to atmospheric influence, achieved by double firing them – first at 900°C and second time when glazed at 1200°C

With focus on the profound concept, rich symbolic content and exquisiteness of our products, we have done our best to make them worthy of keeping the memory of our beloved ones alive.

The Team Behind Pulvis Art Urns

Mihail Mihaylov

Mihail is a third-generation Bulgarian ceramist, and is widely known for his sculptures, beautifying many Bulgarian cities.

The extraordinary design and profound symbolism is what distinguishes Mihail’s work as a true piece of art.

Mihail is a leading ceramists at Pulvis Art Urns with over 30 years of experience. He manages a team of highly skilled ceramic artists, devoted to the quality and aesthetics of each urn they produce.

Aleksandar Yuzev

Aleksandar is a widely renowned conceptual artist with a vast portfolio of international exhibitions in Bulgaria and Europe.

As a graduаte of The National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Aleks has more than 15 years of experience with concept and modern art, earning many honors and awards.

His long-standing mutual work with Mihail is what stands behind the original idea of Pulvis Art Urns.

Denislav Nikolov

Denis has a wealth of experience in the areas of marketing, social media and project management.

His main focus has been establishing and strengthening the relationships with clients and partners in order to best serve the needs of the growing Pulvis Art Urns business.

Pulvis Art Urns Vision

Driven by love of art and contemporary designs we are constantly striving to improve, grow and offer the very best to our customers, helping them in a difficult time.

Pulvis Art Urns Mission

With solid experience and innovative approaches, Pulvis Art Urns strive to design, develop and make urns for ashes that help families honor the memory of their loved ones and animal companions through art.

Pulvis Art Urns Values