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Quality Service Guarantee

100% Service – Quality – Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that choosing a Cremation Urn or Memorial Stone or Marker for the Companion Animal Market and your Pet Parent Client/s is at times difficult, full of emotion and a personal Long-Term decision.

Here at WHOLESALE Pet Urns and Memorials Inc. our 100% commitment and Modis Operandi is for you the Reseller or Sub-Distributor – Agent and ALL your Customers to feel that we in conjunction with our Sales, Packing, & General Office Staff & Support Team are here to help you & be sure that you & yours are completely satisfied with the quality of the Pet Cremation Urns, Stone Memorials, Granite Memorials and Plaques you receive.

 After your Purchase has arrived be it an Urn or a Stone Memorial and after opening and seeing all first-hand we trust you ALL will be totally pleased with Memorial Option as purchased and that we may do business yet again.

You may be so kind to please also write a review on each of the products you purchase. 

After opening the Pet Cremation Urns – Pet Cremation Memorials & once you see the memorial and where you may have any questions – please do not hesitate to make contact where we may attend to your enquiry as best we can.

Our aim is that YOU will kindly tell others in the Pet Cremation Industry, other Veterinarians, and Pet Palliative Care Doctors & Grief Counsellors et. al. – in telling & sharing with your colleagues, associates and industry aligned Companion Animal / Pet Industry Resellers and friends what a great range of products & pricing we have to offer – THANK YOU !

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