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Full Color Ceramic Memorial Plaques and Photos

Questions and Answers

What is the ordering CRM process ?

The CRM ordering process will allow you & your clients to: –

  1. Select the shape and size of the plaque
  2. Add an optional frame
  3. Upload your photo
  4. We will send you a proof for your approval

How long do orders take ?

It can take up to 4 -6 weeks from customer approval of the sent artwork Prof and final amendments, as CMS only Batch ALL ORDERS ONCE per MONTH and Ship Air Freight DIRECT to the USA for our distribution and hand out to clients who have ordered State Side.

Can CMS remove backgrounds or unwanted objects ?

Yes CMS can remove people, objects and change backgrounds ( NO extra charge).

What is the best kind of Image to use ?

The higher quality the picture, the better the end result will be.

CMS Recommended and preferable being 600 d.p.i for BEST result and certainly NO LESS than 300 d.p.i for a good result.

Digital images direct from your camera or computer are great. 

The BIGGER and CLEARER the BETTER -clear quality images in original size is best practice and preferred by CMS.

Please DO NOT CROP if not sure what to do – as it can be easier for CMS to remove and obstacle – poor background etc. than to rebuild.

The best method to send Photos is always via email or drop-box.


Will my finished Ceramic Photo or Ceramic Memorial Plaque look exactly the same as the Picture does on my Computer Screen ?

NO, the image on your screen is of high definition.

Ceramic toners are not the same as toners used to print photographs, they are designed especially for this process.

The main difference is in the Magenta range (red/pinks) and bright colors, this is because the toner is made from glass resulting in a different hue, and there can be slight differences, but it will be VERY close.

All CMS Porcelain & Ceramics are printed & then fired to near 1700’ FAHRENHEIT ( equal to 900 Degree Celsius  that will last a lifetime. 

This process can also result in slight variances and a reduced image quality.

How to attach the Ceramic Photo or Ceramic Memorial Plaque to the Stone or chosen surface etc ?

We recommend clear silicone acting as a suction adhesive.

If using silicon ensure the area is dry, clean and free of any dirt particles or oil.

Are there any Cemetery Requirements?

Various cemeteries have different requirements and limitations on the size of plaques that they allow to be installed on their property.

There is NO reason why the CMS kiln fired porcelain – ceramic plaques cannot be installed in any Pet Cemetery or Pet Crematorium Gardens.

We suggest before an order is placed, this should be discussed between you, your client & the proposed Pet Cemetery so as the needs of all parties are satisfied.

What about Trademarks and Copyrights?

If there is a commercial trademark or copyright associated with an image or logo it is your CLIENTS responsibility to ensure that written permission is obtained from the Owner to allow CMS to reproduce the image and / or logo.