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Creating a Bucket List for your Pet Companion

Article Source: Full credit goes to Two Hearts Pet Loss Centre.

Step One:

Sit back, relax and find a comfortable place where you can brainstorm.

Pick that one special spot in your home where you and your pet companion like to hang out or head to your favourite outdoor area for some fresh air and ideas.

Step Two:

Think of things that are meaningful to you.

  • Where is your favorite place to go with your pet companion?
  • Are you both adventurous or are you more like homebodies?
  • Refresh your mind with some old photos of you and your pet companion.
  • Is it possible to relive any of your favorite memories?
Creating a Bucket List for your Pet Companion
Step Three:

Think of things you don’t typically allow your pet companion to do.

  • Is he / she allowed on the couch?
  • Is he / she allowed to partake in pizza night?
  • Is he/ she allowed to sleep on your bed?
Step Four:

No item is too small or too large!
It is important to have a wide variety of goals on your list.

You shouldn’t place any limitations on your ideas just because they don’t seem possible at this moment.

Step Five:

Write ! Write ! Write !