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Cheap Urns and Memorials

Thanks for visiting this page- may we please offer the following to help, assist, and point out the not so obvious and differences to some folks.

All is offered with total and due respect- yet we feel it is time for somebody to stand–up & call it all out and address the reality of it all, be transparent, open, honest, candid & in turn or time earn your trust and business.

  • Our founder & President of WHOLESALE Pet Urns and Memorials Inc. Mr. Mark Thomas ( an Australian ) notes in the following for your kind attention please.
  • We here at WHOLESALE Pet Urns and Memorials Inc. ( W.U.P.M. ) are all about QUALITY at a FAIR PRICE.
  • We make NO excuse for intent to make a Profit  – BUT – we will not make that profit from overcharging, or worse… at a Fellow Human Personal Cost.
  • Please let’s all move forward thinking NOT just about PROFIT Margins- but everybody on the “ Manufacturing-Supply Food Chain “.. BUY & SELL with Heart & Soul we please ask & thank you for doing so in Advance.
  • May we please ask ?.. Have you seen firsthand the Factories and Staff Conditions for some overseas countries ?.. well Mark the founder of W.U.P.M. has and thus our Company stance driven by our Founder Mr. Mark Thomas ( an Australian ).
  • Mark THANKS YOU for being on the Page and following the Policy Link after reading.
  • Mark confirms should any reader be offended this was NOT his intent nor desire – yet stand-up he will when it comes to “CHEAP“ and the usual methods too !
  • Mark visited 4 Factories across China back in late 2017 into early 2018 and only deals with those with good work practices and conditions. Therefor, not scrimping on quality for a cheap price.
  • Our artisan urns and memorials are supplied from European manufacturers, while other products are purchased from Australian suppliers. Mark deals with selected China, and Indian Based Operations for some basic products, with humane work conditions and policies.
  • We deal with suppliers who have a Human Resource and Slave Act Policy in place.

So – ( what possibly constitutes and how )  a “Cheap Urn and / or Memorials “ is offered to you and the market – consumer etc. 

Manufacturers who export and who are driven by “ Lowest Price “ – is playing a Race to The Bottom ! – and quite possibly trusting harmful methods and operation upon their employees. We say NO THANKS! We prefer to deal with quality manufacturers who provide reasonably priced quality urns and memorials. 

When you are Shopping for a Cheap Urn or Memorial

W.U.P.M. Inc. stance re Quality & Value Urns & Memorial Products we proudly supply to Resellers and Sub-Distributors

  1. We absolutely REFUSE to offer and sell Cheap-Ugly-Distorted JUNK ! ( there  – Mark said & wrote it ! )
  2. We absolutely REFUSE to offer and sell Cheap-Ugly-Distorted – “SAME-SAME as everywhere else “Cookie and Sugar Jars“ that could be purchased from the likes of Walmart for much less costs.
  3. We absolutely REFUSE to offer, supply or sell mass produced low quality cheap Urns. 
  4. We understand that design and quality is in the eye of the beholder – yet if you and your client can not see that an overpriced piece of Ugly Plastic-Resin is hardly Value for Money then so be it- each to their own.
  5. We will always introduce Artistic Designs, NEW Ideas and Concepts- work with Specialist Artisans etc and bring those finished  products to the Pet Cremation Service Industry and market as a whole.
  6. We DO NOT and WILL NOT pick on a specific range or Company – yet we will point out overpriced products & what we perceive as regular and ugly and what would technically be before any rational person who would and should perceive as “odd”.
  7. … and much more – but I’m sure you get the message and picture- THANK YOU in advance.

We follow The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark and World Benchmarking Alliance.

So PLEASE – all in all – don’t seek AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE ! – instead “seek QUALITY and VALUE FOR MONEY for both you and your Clients’ Peace of Mind” –  THANK YOU !

We are sorry, but you are not going to find any “Cheap Plastic – Cheap Resin Mix ( a concocted mix of materials including Poly-Urethane, Silicone, Epoxy and Polyester ) UGLY Urns” here..

… we are driven by QUALITY, Great bang for Buck & absolute VALUE – 2nd to NONE …and Top Shelf Offerings including solid, worthwhile & healthy Discounts for Authorized Resellers and / or Sub Distributors.

PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS MESSAGE or US WRONG, we mean ZERO malice, and finger pointing, yet a desire to table and advise a balanced point of view for all to consider. ( please ) When making your purchases from suppliers, and beginning to compare like-for-like and NOT a CHEAP Apple against a nice juicy QUALITY ORANGE- they clearly are the same thing – a piece of Fruit – yet two totally different things when honestly compared like-for-like…. and so it is with Pet Urns and Memorials offered across the Pet Cremation Service and Supply Marketplace.

Quality isn’t Expensive

 – it’s Priceless !

We here at Wholesale Pet Urns and Memorials Inc. ( W.P.U.M.) sincerely understand that a cheap mix of cold cast poly-urethane, silicone, epoxy and polyester just might be fine for many- BUT NOT when we see Service Providers selling Plastic-Resin “Rock Urns“ for anywhere between $350-$500 ! – that is just absurd, if we may please be so direct and offer in our honest opinion.

There is NOTHING wrong with selling $500 Memorials- but please- why not include a REAL Piece of Solid Stone- able to contain all the Pets Cremains in a classy 304 Grade Stainless Steel Cremains Canister – and even with a full color photo memorial plaque for that sort of sell – asking price.  Why charge a client in the depths of grief and quite possibly NOT thinking straight or real smart for receiving a pile of re-constituted plastic (poly-urethane, silicone, epoxy and polyester mixture ) when they can have a stunning piece of genuine mother earth packaged together as a piece of stunning art, all with class and a memorial to be truly proud of instead of an ugly pile of plastic for that same price ?

Mark Thomas the Founder here at W.P.U.M.Inc. has been around both the Human and Pet Cremation Service market place supplying Urns and Memorials going back as far as June 1994.

Mark first entered the market presenting THE EVERLASTING URN ®  & THE COMPANIONS REST™ Urns and Memorial Range across North America between 1994 -2004 where sadly he was forced to “take a break”.. Well he is Back and has some unfinished Business in seeing great –cost effective products into the hands and lives of Companion Animal Owners – Pet Parents – and Cremation Service Providers right across North America commencing the first half of 2022.

He has seen much, learnt much,- suffered and won a few rounds and brings that great knowledge and contacts to this New Pet Cremation Urns and Memorials Venture.

He demands and offers and we ALL here at Wholesale Pet Urns and Memorials Inc. believe that in our specific and Exclusive Product Offerings to market where our offerings of absolute QUALITY is NOT EXPENSIVE ! .. it’s PRICELESS ! .. and our Quality Products and Memorial Options as proudly offered we believe are PRICELESS – particularly to the end user normally being the Consumer- Pet Parents at a very difficult time in their lives – while grieving their loss of their much loved “Fur-Baby “. 

Sure Mark could cast and allow us to sell to market lots of our pieces of ART – sold as Urns and Memorial Options for huge mark-ups, x 2 times, most 2.5 times more & even x 3  – YES – that’s Triple the R.R.P. asking price as Mark has set, yet he & we are all about Win-Win-Win.

That is, W.P.U.M. offers you, as an Approved Reseller / or an approved Sub-Distributor, a great Discount or Master Dealer Tier #1 Discount and thus a solid R.O.I and G.P. margin, and where your Pet Parent clients actually WINS as well!

So you in person, your Business, & as importantly along with your valued Pet Parent clients have a genuine WIN – and so do we thank you!

We have a win as part of the Team and Sale as well, as we sell you more QUALITY and UNIQUE Pet Urns & Pet Memorials rather than them sitting around on our Warehouse Shelves looking for a Wood-Duck to purchase.

Our whole core is about QUALITY NOT being Expensive ! – and where everyone in the transaction is comfortable and wins without baiting-switching the Pet Parent at need, We DO NOT & WILL NOT condone price gouging etc.as many do sadly.

You may ask – what is the difference between an Authorized Reseller and an Authorized Sub-Distributor? ( Please Click here to read in detail )

Mr. Mark Thomas.
Founder –
Sales & Marketing Director.
Wholesale Pet Urns and Memorials Inc.