Wholesale Pet Urns and Memorials

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Change is Mandatory

Our whole modus operandi is sourcing and offering value for money

Please if we may offer some CARING & FRIENDLY ADVICE & POINT OUT the NOT SO OBVIOUS at times when things are only Compared on Price alone when selecting a Pet Urn or Pet Memorial.

So often it is fair to say “ YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR “- we are not the Cheapest offering and NEVER intend to be ! …

… Further, we NEVER would expect you or your client – Pet Parent to Pay Through the Nose for a QUALITY Urn or GARDEN MEMORIAL either.

Don’t pay through the nose !

“Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.”

Warren Buffett

We understand that broad range of things constitute PRICE for product on offer, subject matters such as raw materials used, manufacturing process, labour-wages, import taxes, freight and market positioning.

Is the Urn machine produced or handmade, a computer controlled robot – cookie cutter process, labour resources and over all positioning.

Ask yourself – is it a genuine “ TOP SHELF “ Hand Made piece ?

Is the Urn or Memorial made with LOVE and CARE as a  piece of ART –  or is what you are looking at a “ Cheap Machine Made – Mass Produced Injected BLOB “ ?

Each to their own absolutely we agree and understand 100% – do as you care and whatever offers you comfort & value at you time of need !

We sincerely offer and our opinion is that a Pet Urn or Pet Memorial for a Garden should be considered on many fronts and comparison categories.

We respect that some materials, design and price points most certainly suits a specific need, client and market – each to their own absolutely

We respectfully point out we don’t offer nor play in the lower end of the Market and Product Offerings.

It’s NOT unlike comparing many things in life, such as:-



To sum it all up if we may please- A Cheaper Urn or Garden Memorial Product/s may NOT be a great Deal– or The BEST BANG for BUCK once you have dug deeper & when all is rightfully compared

We simply ask you NOT to shop on price alone yet compare the Apple with an Apple and NOT an Orange so to say.

Again if we may – so often it is fair to say “ YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR “- we are not the Cheapest offering and NEVER WILL BE nor INTEND TO BE !

With us – you will NEVER have to pay through your nose for QUALITY – EVER !

We wish to THANK YOU sincerely for your kind attention & pricing in-depth consideration based so much more on the QUALITY & VALUE Vs– the COST alone.