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Reseller / Sub- Distributor Application

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Thank you for your interest in WHOLESALE Pet Urns and Memorials Inc. ( here in after W.P.U.M ) & our Exclusive – Quality focused Range of Pet Cremation Indoor & Outdoor Urns and Memorials – 2nd to NONE !

ALL Resellers & Sub-Distributors will need to have read, agreed & signed by your CEO-President to abide by our Reseller Terms and Conditions that are easy- fair- basic- respectful- helpful & equal to ALL participants, applicants, and aligned Business Partners regardless of size, Corporate or a Mum & Dad / small Family Business.

The above is asked purely to keep all an equal and fair playing field and won’t allow Price or Product “Dumping” etc.

Advertising our Products via the likes of eBay, Amazon, Etzy, Alibaba, and Online Discount & Bargain Stores (Walmart et. al.) will not be allowed nor tolerated.

Please for ALL – we clearly wish to be sure our full range of EXCLUSIVE products are sold and served in a personal, unique & boutique manner as part of a Pet Cremation Service & aligned Service Providers such as Veterinarians, Vets Clinics, Palliative Care  & In-Home Euthanasia Service providers & Pet Grief Counsellors & Pet Grief Tutors etc,

Be it known that we seek Resellers more than Sub-Distributors

Sub-Distributorship will maintain a separate class of MAXIMUM BULK ORDER PRICING DISCOUNTS based on Minimum Performance Guarantees and significant thresholds.

ALL Sub-Distributors are subject to acknowledging and signing our M.A.P.P Agreement ( Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy – see Below ) – so as to keep the Sales field equal for all parties

Our Approved Resellers- still obtain significant Discounts OFF our Recommended Retail Pricing ( R.R.P ) – & are also subject to acknowledging and signing our M.A.P.P Agreement ( Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy see Below ) is a separate Class of MAJOR Discount Client.

So as its clear for any & all applicants and appointed parties regardless of size of your Business Operation, if you cannot or will not sign the said agreement to keep all equal and where all parties earn their / the sale and a solid G.P. – … then please be it noted not to waste our joint time in an application that cannot & won’t “Get-Up !”.

Thank you for your kind and professional understanding – we are here to protect ALL and NOT favour just one etc.

Every Reseller or Sub-Distributor must equally earn their stripes and position, please.

Once an Application is received and the appropriate checks have been attended to and your application is successful then the following happens :-

  1. As an authorized Reseller or Sub-Distributor, we consider you to be a valuable part of our long-term success.
  2. As an authorized Reseller or Sub-Distributor, you will be able to purchase directly from W.P.U.M (manufacturer).
  3. As an authorized Reseller or Sub-Distributor you shall be granted an EXCLUSIVE PASSWORD & Protection to obtain access to any locked areas from the general public’s eye and access.
  4. RETAIL – R.R.P is listed for any and all to see – but your given and agreed DISCOUNTS and DEAL OFF R.R.P remains confidential on all levels.

Why Become a W.P.U.M Reseller or Sub-Distributor?

  • Ongoing, online education and training
  • Strong discounts
  • Protected account status
  • Direct shipment to work premises or nominated client available
  • MAP protection
  • Our EXCLUSIVE Indoor & Outdoor Memorial products coupled with other EXCLUSIVE Pet MEMORIAL Urns and Markers, Grief Counsel resources we believe with absolute sincerity WILL build a sustainable and very profitable business – and / or an add on to your current offerings.
  • Serving your clients with EXCLUSIVE products opens you to much more business.

To maintain the value & class of the W.P.U.M brand & to promote the products in the best way possible, we maintains a Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAPP).

Additionally, while there is a very moderate initial minimum order $USD value application & negotiation for DISCOUNT OFFERINGS OFF our set R.R.P.

The Reseller / Sub-Distributor discounts are extended with the understanding that the relationship must be viable and mutually profitable.

Therefore, distributor status will be reviewed from time to time, and inactive accounts may be discontinued.

Below you will find our Reseller / Sub-Distributor application form. (only 100% completed applications will be considered)

Once qualified and approved, we will forward our Master RETAIL price list to you – with your approved Dealer % DISCOUNT – and a special welcome on board Offer and once only Introductory Deal.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming an authorized W.P.U.M Reseller or –Sub-Distributor. If you have any questions, please contact sales support here.

To become an approved Reseller et.al. please read and agree to our Reseller / Sub-Distributor Terms and Conditions, then fill in the application form below.

Reseller / Sub-Distributor Application Form