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Animal Communication

Jill Lauri - Professional Animal Communicator and Coach


Jill has a deep love and respect for animals, and has counseled / coached people on their relationships with animals, for over 25 years. 

When faced with losing a pet, we may hold on so tightly that we interfere with the natural life flow and the healing process.

It can be difficult to think clearly. We may feel pressured to make a decision and concerned about making the right choice.

We often judge ourselves.

While full of love for our pets, we do not extend compassion to ourselves. Self-compassion is one of the greatest lessons our pets can teach us.

Jill Lauri has spent decades in spiritual training/ practice and received a Certificate from the Mani Center.

Studying and earning a Certificate in Animal Communication at The Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication provided her a lot of practice communicating with different species, as well as animals who have passed over.

To encourage people to honor our relationships with animals, Jill founded an annual event held in Rockaway Beach called ANIMAL ROCK. In her spare time, Jill wrote a bi-weekly column in The Wave Newspaper, “Jill’s Healing Wave”, and worked with the Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Group contributing nature-inspired recommendations to the United Nations.

Jill Lauri holds an MSW from Hunter College and an MBA from Columbia Business School, and says that her greatest life lessons have come from animals.

When faced with her dog’s cancer, Jill learned about holistic health and healing. This opened up doors she never knew existed and completely changed her life.

By the time Jills’ dog passed, they were both ready to let go.

Jill says. “It is an honor to help others experience the beauty and intimacy of the bond with their pets. I help people and their beloved animals connect soul to soul and heart to heart, whether those animals are in physical form or have passed on.”

As a voice for animals, Jill helps them express their wishes and fulfill their missions with their human companions.

Jill clears up misunderstandings, facilitates forgiveness/the release of guilt, and helps people and their beloved pets experience the peace, joy, and love that is the truth of their relationships.

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