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Our Mission – Our Vision

To proudly provide Exclusive & Exceptional Art as Pet Urns & Pet Garden Memorials that hold fast as 2nd to NONE ! –

… All while offering the Pet Cremation Service Market place, Pet Cremationists, Veterinarians, Vets Clinics, Aged Pet Palliative Care Professionals, Pet Grief Counsellors, and all their client Pet Parents around the Globe with Products & Quality that are NOT Expensive…yet are PRICELESS !

About Us

Mark Thomas the Founder of Wholesale Urns and Memorials has been involved in and around the Cremation Service / Death Care Industry going back to the first launch in June 1994 at the Annual Cremation Association of North America Convention in Anaheim CA.

Mark was also heavily involved back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s in trying to bring the Pet Cremation Service Providers to a whole new level of Service, Transparency, Truth and shared a Vison with another to Introduce the First REAL “ Pet Funeral Director” services structure & programme to the market – sadly at that time, against much resistance and those well-established who preferred not to be as upfront and honest as the new way was calling for.

Back in 1996, Mark learned of an Association and “ Start-Up“ near Harrisburg Pennsylvania – it was advertising & called The N.A.P.F.D or The National Association Pet Funeral Directors – that was headed up and pushed along by a Mr. Robin (Rob) Lauver (Deceased) of Golden Lake Pet Memorial Garden and Pet Cremation Services. 

YES, it sure as hell was an uphill push against the well-established hiding behind the thin veils that Rob Lauver refused to hide behind & so he broke away from. 

Mark was intrigued and full of glee where finally somebody – Rob Lauver, was doing all they could and more to bring the needed Pet Cremation service transparency and bring it to a Professional Services level as conducted by the majority of Funeral Directors serving in the Human Funeral Market and extrapolate that Professional Process into and across the Companion Animal Death Care Service Industry & general market across North America.

It sure as hell was a herculean task – and where life went sideways, as it can and does for all at times – and mid-2000’s Mark took a hiatus from both the Human and Pet Death Care Service Industries and general markets and has since lived in Australia on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland building several eco-friendly businesses.

It was back in 1996 when Mark introduced Rob Lauver to a range of fantastic and relatively simple range of Cemetery and / or Home Garden Memorials branded under the name of COMPANIONS REST™ and they spent considerable time over several years together and many months at a time to try to push, educate & introduce a better way to serve the Pet Parent, Veterinarians et. al. and to help lift the lid on the shenanigans dished up by many Pet Cremation service providers back at that time. 

The good Ol’ argument of what the word or term- Private and / or / Vs- the word Individual when referencing Pet Cremation Services actually was an meant will always be of great memory. At times when Mark & Rob arrived at certain and large volume-driven Pet Cremation Services based in the back streets of industrial blocks – and NOT having called or set an appointment was full of classic times and actions and akin to a Gangster Movie even.

Mark recalls being told at “pistol-point” to leave an unnamed large pet cremation business that didn’t understand or subscribe to the true meaning of the words ‘Private and Individual’ ending up in an argument of sorts… he laughs with his Aussie humour. 

Sadly the desire & vision was viewed not as a ‘Start-up’ but as an “Up-Start “ as Mark, working with Rob Lauver and Robs’ wife Amy of Golden Lake – Pets Passage Professional Cremation Services out of Mechanicsburg P.A – were “ thorns in the side of many ”.

Many others over the past + 20 Years have certainly taken that baton and vision and helped bring the Pet Cremation Service and Service Providers to the exceptional level it is today. As far back as 1972 with real pioneers such as Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Shugart Snr. of Deceased Pet Care in Atlanta GA, who visioned and built back in 2010 the USA best Pet Funeral Home- Cremation Service and Pet Cemetery of stunning presence.

In more recent years  folks like and not limited to the real later day pioneer Ms.Collen Ellis who back in 2003 in Indianapolis opened due to a need, the USA first standalone Pet Funeral Home and Service of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center TX, Rob Lauver, Mr Scott Hunter of Gateway Services Inc. – Guelph-Toronto Canada, and Ms. Christine Hunsaker / Ms Cindy Branch who started Paws, Whickers and Wags in the early 2000s’ in Atlanta GA, Mr Scott Buttz of Regency Pet Aftercare MD.

Back in 2009-2010 Palliative Care – Hospice Veterinarian Doctors Dr. Dani Mc Vety with her close friend Dr. Mary Gardner started the now famous Lap of Love in Home Pet Services & Aftercare they started in Florida and is now very well established as a U.S. National In-Home Euthanasia Service serving 10’s of Thousands of Companion Animals and Pet Parents at need per annum.

With many other Pet Cremation professionals over the past 15-20 Years all as trail blazers who have absolutely assisted to bring the Pet Cremation Service – Companion Animal Death & After Care marketplace to the level it always deserved.

Over the past 12 Years, Lap of Love has served in excess of 250,000+ Pet Parents and Fur Babies over that term and now with over 200 hospice veterinarians serving 10’s of thousands per annum – an absolute gem of a service.

THANK YOU to you all for helping change the Pet After Care Service Market place and helping Pet Parents and their beloved Companion Animal – Fur Babies find truth, transparency, care, compassion, empathy, and peace of mind for those sadly left behind.

For those who laughed, scoffed, rebelled, & even one who pulled a pistol some 25-30 Years ago – if I may please say & share … “ WE TOLD YOU SO ” as did a real pioneer and tenacious focused, driven, passionate stalwart to a fault even in Rob Lauver – who I’m sure is looking down while playing with all the Dogs, Cats & Critters he helped across the Rainbow Bridge – and he just smiles.

And so – here we are early 2022- nearly 25 Years later Mark returns to complete some un-finished Companion Animal – Pet Cremation Service Business and offer the Market a real difference when it comes to QUALITY- well-priced Urns and Memorials for our beloved Fur Babies and Companion Animals around the Globe one step at a time.

Mark Thomas

About Pulvis Art Urns

Important Information to Please Consider

These Hand Made pieces of ART & Home Décor’ are large 100% Kiln Fired Glazed Ceramic- Porcelain – items of great quality and moderate size to make a wonderful classy display.

The Key here is that we proudly offer ART as an Urn- and not something that screams “ look at me I’m an Urn “ – or a pile of cheap plastic-poly-resin !

These pieces of Cat ART Urns are 85 & 97 c.i. (Cubic Inch Capacity) with the Dog ART Urns being 56 and 85 c.i. & allows the owner to have a homely, classy & low impact – practical ARTWORK Figurine Ornament- that doesn’t scream look at me “ I’m an Urn “.

This Range of Cat Memorials is up to 4 times larger than most smaller “ 16-25 c.i. Cookie Jar & Resin-Plastic Ugly Urns “- whereas our offerings are pieces of Fine Art first and foremost.

These Cat & Dog Kiln Fired Glazed Ceramic / Porcelain Memorials can hold so much more if your client cares, including a small memory toy, collar, bells etc. – again they are pieces of ART & a work of substance & NOT a small low cost basic jar.

· Based on the above- please do not compare on price alone- we proudly offer class, quality, and top shelf, best in class – and VALUE for Money when realistically compared please.

We don’t do or offer “ Cheap “ and won’t support slave labor or sweatshops – and ask you to please consider cheap and the race to the bottom and who really gets hurt !

Via PULVIS Art Urns Head Office in Sofia – BULGARIA – they / we so often hear feedback such as – These Cat & Dogs Urns may cost a little more- but offer so much more… We proudly offer a Quality Home Decor Memorial Urns.

· … and .. Our clients are delighted they were offered these options as the small extra cost is long forgotten as they receive so much more.

ALL the PULVIS Art Urns ( both the Pet & Human Range ) are 100% Hand Made, Kiln Fired – Glazed Ceramic- Porcelain –

Think Boutique, Upmarket, Exclusive – NO equal for VALUE, & similar to European brands like NAO®, Wedgwood® & Lladró® & not CHEAP POLY PLASTIC RESIN !

In essence – please don’t get confused between a Rolls Royce & a Ford Pinto, as they are BOTH cars ! – and that’s where the comparison stops.

A fine homely ornament FOR PROUD DISPLAY – that is our KEY DIFFERENCE.

Handcrafted Quality

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