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About Ceramic Memorial Photos Australia
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Ceramic Memorial Photos ( CMP ) is an Australian owned and operated company specifically set up by Mr. John Scarpellino and all based in a production facility based in Brisbane – Queensland – Australia.

As CMP are based in Australia & offering both local & international experience allows for close interaction with you, your clients and their preferred requirements via us and if so DIRECT to assist the process.

CMP’s background is specializing in high quality digital printing and John the Owner – Director has transferred his knowledge to produce the highest quality CERAMIC – PORCELAIN memorial plaques for Urns, Memorial Blocks & Stones, and Stainless Steel Cremated Remains Containers & Cemetery Headstones etc.

John and his Team at CMP specialise in producing high quality and tasteful ceramic photos & ceramic memorial plaques designed for Pet Urns, Pet Memorials and Stone Markers etc & also for Pet Cemetery Headstones and Pet Cremation Gardens & Home based Garden Memorials using larger Stone Memorials & Memorial Bird Baths etc. in a selection of shapes and sizes.

These kiln fired ceramic plaques – ceramic photos will provide your clients with FULL COLOR, weather resistant, permanent, fade free images and memorial plaques of their beloved passed Pet.

CMP assure expedient product making and batched MONTHLY Air Freight Delivery to the USA and always aim for a positive customer experience.

CMP’s Porcelain - Ceramic Photo Plaques & Memorial Plaques

The plaques by CMP are made from high quality Italian porcelain using digital printers with specialised glass enamel toners.

All plaques are kiln fired to produce a high gloss permanent image that will not fade in direct sunlight and is weather proof. These Ceramic Photos & Ceramic Memorial Plaques are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE !

The Pictures and Memorial Plaques are available in Oval, Square, Rectangular, Heart & Circle shapes in a variety of sizes.

For details click here – Ceramic Plaque Details  

Bronze Look-a Like Photo Frames

CMP offers “Bronze Look-a-Like” frames that are made to match the standard plaques and are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

For details click here – Photo Frames Details 

Pet Photo Memorials

CMP supply us with Pet Memorials which are made & available in Oval, Square, Rectangular, Heart & Circle shapes in a variety of sizes using your supplied photo.

For more details and pricing please view here – Your Enquiry

What’s Included

  • Australian MADE High Quality Italian Porcelain Mater Plaques
  • Lifetime Guarantee against UV Damage and Fading
  • Background replacement ( if required ) included in price- air use of time policy may apply
  • Artwork Proof provided before plaque manufacture
  • Bulk Freight to USA per Air Freight Once per Month ready for Distribution

The Ceramic – Porcelain Memorial Pictures and / or Plaques feature:

  • Italian porcelain plaques with high gloss finish
  • High quality colors that will not fade over time
  • Ceramic plaques that are resistant to sunlight, acid rain, weather and temperature cycles
  • In-house professional photo retouching is available to change your image background (at your client’s request.)
  • The International delivery of a finished high quality ceramic plaque quickly and at a value for money price to the end user.
Losing a loved pet saying

The Process

CMP begin with the chosen and as sent photograph, which can be digitally uploaded or sent via email as part of ordering the chosen ceramic plaque.

As part of CMP’s services they digitally clean minor imperfections, and correct colour imbalances.

CMP will digitally print your image with specialised ceramic toners onto the ceramic plaque the shape and size of your choosing.  

The memorial picture or full memorial plaque with the printed digital image is then fired to 900C to permanently fix your image onto the porcelain plaque.

The finished product is an incredibly durable memorial photo / or memorial photo plaque for your Pet Urn, Pet Garden Memorial Block, Pet Cemetery Headstone etc. that will maintain the same beauty and colourfast characteristics for a lifetime.

Full Color Ceramic Memorial Plaques & Photos.

CMP use the finest Italian porcelain to design stunning permanent ceramic photos of your clients recently passed or lost Fur Babies.

The chosen photograph and if desired additional optional words, are printed using special ceramic inks that are kiln fired to produce a permanent memorial that is weather and sun fade resistant in the harshest conditions.

CMP offer the classic oval, circular, square, heart or rectangular porcelain ceramic shapes that allows your Pet Parent Client to choose the shape that is the most suitable for them and their family if so.

The CMP Team includes graphic designers who can recolour and retouch the chosen photograph to produce memorial plaques with a stunning likeness.

( NOTE– Excessive work may require additional charge and quoted BEFORE doing any work for approval if so )

Ceramic Memorial Photos are committed to producing high quality memorials with a product that truly represents and pays tribute to those beloved Pets, Companion Animals & Fur-Babies no longer with us.

The Images following display a vast array & range of product shapes & sizes – and believe we have every bodies needs cover right here in a one stop shop.

PRICING: – Prices vary depending on the shape and size of the ceramic plaque chosen.

The price range for each shape can be seen beside each image below.

For an INDIVIDUAL PRICE ( inc Tax and converted to USD$ ) for a CUSTOM or specific ceramic shape / size, please click on the Enquiry Page here and send an email with as much detail so as to assist costings and your individual quotation.

YOU and YOUR CLIENTS have and are OFFERED ZERO commitment to BUY when asking to obtain a Quotation & Individual Pricing,

FREE MONTHLY Batch Shipping to our Agent W.P.U.M in The USA

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